What are the procedures for Black Belt Testing and promotion? Black belt testing is conducted three times a year, during the months of April, August and December. At those times, Master Kim continues to serve on the testing board and is often assisted by guest masters from other schools. Black Belt promotion is done three times per year in conjunction with the scheduled Black Belt tests. Students who have tested for their Black Belt experience a fourmonth “probation period.” During this time they are allowed to start wearing a black collared uniform and receive a half red/half black belt. They are allowed to start attending Black Belt classes and training with current Black Belt students. More information about Black Belt testing procedures and preparation is available in a separate folder given to students prior to testing.

I have noticed that students also have strips of tape on their belts, and I have heard about “tip testing.” What is this exactly? Although they are not actual belt ranks, tips are used to: • Recognize student progress on their requirements. • Provide students with smaller goals for additional motivation. • Assist the instructors, by indicating the amount of curriculum each student has learned toward their next belt level. For the color belts, how many tips are there and what do they repre sent? When does a student test for them? Our tip system is as follows: • White belt uses one yellow, green, blue, and one red tip. • Yellow belt and green stripe use one blue, white, green, and one black tip. • Green belt through single black stripe use one blue, green, white, red, and one black tip. • Double black stripe uses color tips to represent proficiency in junior belt poomse require ments, and white tips to ac knowledge successful maintenance testing leading up to black belt testing.